When the presidential election rolls around, I’m all for supporting someone who is a better candidate than the other guy.

If you don’t, that means you’re a “conspiracy theorist” or a “racist” or, in Trump’s words, a “narcissist.”

But I’m not so sure that Donald Trump is a narcissist.

A recent poll by the Associated Press found that nearly half of Americans (47 percent) thought that Trump had the personality and temperament to be president.

He’s also a master politician, a shrewd negotiator, and an intelligent leader.

But does he really possess the qualities that would make him a good president?

Here are some of the problems with this claim: He’s a narcissism, which is a type of mental disorder, or “personality disorder,” according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

(The DSM was written in 1948 and the latest edition is published in 2017.)

“Narcissism” is not defined as a specific mental disorder in the DSM.

But it’s considered a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association.

A person can be “self-centered” or “selfish,” or have a lack of empathy, which can result in feelings of resentment, aggression, and other negative traits.

(The word “self” is used to refer to the individual.)

In addition, narcissism can be a manifestation of other disorders, including antisocial personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.

The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, also known as the DSM-5, defines narcissism as “an excessive or persistent lack of self-esteem, grandiosity, grandiose self-image, and/or inflated self-importance.”

It also says that narcissism is “particularly dangerous when combined with other psychosocial and psychiatric disorders, particularly antisocial behavior and/orgasmic disorders.”

The American Psychiatric Treatment Association also defines narcissists as “selfishly seeking attention, attention seeking, and affection.”

And they’re considered a group of personality disorders called narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), which can cause symptoms including grandiosity and inflated self esteem.

NPD is more prevalent among those over age 50 than those under the age of 30.

The symptoms include grandiosity (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), hyperfocus on self and others (attitude disorder), inflated self image (self-esteem disorder), avoidance of rejection (avoidant personality disorder), grandiosity related to self-reliance and self-interest (antisocial personality), lack of concern for others (avoidance personality disorder) and an inability to recognize or deal with distress (depression).

As such, NPD can be very harmful to someone’s well-being, particularly to those who have been diagnosed with it.

As Trump himself put it in a recent interview with the New York Times: I have narcissistic tendencies.

And I have an abundance of them.

I have to be able to distinguish the truth from the lies.

I also have a very low tolerance for criticism, especially criticism of my character.

I’m very, very proud of who I am and what I stand for, but I also understand that there are some things that I’m supposed to stand up for, and I don’t want to take on somebody else’s personal opinions.

And in some ways, I’ve been doing a good job of that.

In his book The Art of the Deal, Trump told the AP that his “grandiosity is one of the most underrated things in my life.

You know, when you’re in your 30s and you’re thinking about getting a divorce, or you’re trying to get your life back together, it can be overwhelming.”

This isn’t the first time that Trump has talked about his narcissism.

During the Republican primary, Trump said, “I think you have to have the narcissist in you.

I don.

It’s one of those things that happens to everybody.”

When the GOP primary ended in May, Trump admitted that he “hadn’t been very good at it.”

“My self-confidence is very low, and that’s been a big problem for a long time,” he told the New Yorker magazine in an interview published in January.

But as I pointed out in my post last year, Trump’s self-talk has always been a useful tool for his political strategy.

“Named after the Japanese word for “soul,” narcissism refers to a certain level of inflated self confidence, which Trump has cultivated.

In addition to his own narcissism (which is not an actual mental disorder), Trump has used the term “self worth” as an insult to criticize the self-absorbed, self-centered qualities that make people vulnerable to the narcissistic tendencies of others.

You have to listen to the facts,” Trump said in a 2011 interview with “The Howard Stern Show.” “And you

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