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Alright, Alright, Alright! Gettin’ Cockney with the Lazy Cockney Phrasebook – A Review Right Proper




Alright, Alright, Alright! Gettin’ Cockney with the Lazy Cockney Phrasebook – A Review Right Proper

Ever dreamt of saunterin’ down the Thames, orderin’ a cheeky pint in a proper pub, and chattin’ up the locals like a true East Ender? Well, chuck away your thesauruses and dust off your flat cap, because the “Lazy Cockney Phrasebook” has arrived! This ain’t your nan’s guide to posh speak, mind you. This is a right knees-up of a read, packed with all the slang, wit, and wisdom you need to navigate the streets of London like a right geezer.

Imagine this: you’re strollin’ through Covent Garden, market stalls overflowin’ with treasures. You spot a right bobby-dazzler of a necklace, but the price tag makes your eyes water. No worries, mate! With a flick of your Kindle and a well-placed “Is that your best price, guv’nor?”, you might just nab a bargain. (Though mind you, don’t go all Alan Sugar on ’em!)

This book ain’t all about bartering, though. It’s got you covered for everything from hailin’ a black cab (“Alright, darlin’, Heathrow, sharpish!”) to orderin’ a slap-up meal (“Make it a double bubble and squeak, and go easy on the mushy peas, mush”). You’ll even learn how to slag someone off politely (it’s a delicate art, mind you) and charm the birds with a bit of cheeky banter. (Just remember, “you alright, princess?” might not fly these days!)


Think the Cockney accent is all “bovver” and “cor blimey”? Think again! This book teaches you the proper way to pronounce each phrase, so you won’t sound like a right berk. (Unless, of course, sounding like a berk is your goal, in which case, carry on!)

And let’s not forget the right royal knees-up this book throws at your wallet. Money-saving tips on transport, grub, and even theatre tickets? You’ll be saying “cheerio” to overpriced tourist traps and “cheers” to savvy savings!

So, is the “Lazy Cockney Phrasebook” a right laugh or a right old codswallop? Let me tell you, it’s more fun than a knees-up at the Nag’s Head with a barrel of ale! It’s the perfect way to experience London like a local, without the years of kneesing up in pubs (though a pub visit or two never hurt, eh?).

Is it for you?

  • You fancy yourself a right laugh and love a bit of banter.
  • You’re planning a trip to London and want to avoid sounding like a lost tourist.
  • You appreciate a good laugh and a bit of cultural immersion without the faff.

If you answered “yeh” to any of those, then this book is your ticket to a right knees-up of a London adventure. So grab your Kindle, pack your Oyster card, and get ready to say “Alright, guv’nor!” to the real London. You won’t regret it, not by a long shot!