Breweries around the world have long been making kettle corn, a delicacy of the South Pacific.

But when the Kettle Corn craze began in the early 2000s, it was a little-known commodity, with few outlets for its popularity.

Now, kettle corn is back on the menu, and it’s been made into a deliciously unique dish.

The recipe we created with the folks at the Potrero Hill Brewery and Chef Aaron Smith, along with our own cooking team, is one of the best-selling recipes in the world.

We hope you enjoy it.

This is kettle corn made from the tender, crunchy, sweet kernels of a small corn, then roasted, boiled and cooked in a cast iron pot until it turns golden brown.

It’s the first kettle corn recipe in the United States, and the first ever to be sold in a commercial kitchen.

It uses a special kettle corn mill that grinds the kernels and then adds the liquid to a clay pot.

It takes about two hours to make this delicious corn, but it is so tender and flavorful that it’s the perfect companion to your favorite grilled or roasted vegetables or meats.

This recipe makes about one pound of kettle corn.

We use the kettle corn to make our favorite grilled sandwiches, including our traditional Big Red, a deep-fried chicken breast with an herb-spiked tomato and jalapeño sauce, and our classic “Sauce for the Pilgrims,” a bowl of stewed greens, chicken, and corn with a sweet, spicy sauce made with ground spices, tomatoes, and green onions.

This classic dish was featured in The New York Times Best Seller Kitchen and Bar Guide, and featured in Food & Wine magazine.

A recipe of this caliber was not available to the general public until 2013, when the potrero hill brewery opened a commercial location in the Potrorero Hill Village Market.

Since then, kettle, corn, and chicken has become a favorite part of the restaurant’s menu.

A special thanks to the Potrash Hill Brewing Company for helping to launch the Kettlesmith series, a series of cookbooks that we publish with a small group of passionate chefs who love food.

This series includes three recipes from the series, which we’re proud to share with you.

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