The modern ceramic electric kettle has become a fixture in kitchens, but its maker says it is more versatile and has a more natural-looking finish.

The Weber 26 is a new kettle made by German brewing company Weber and designed to be used in traditional Chinese cooking.

It’s a modern design with a ceramic base and a ceramic top.

Weber says it’s the first ceramic electric kitchen kettle to be mass produced in China, and it’s sold in China for less than $100.

Chinese-made ceramic electric Kettles: The Weber 26 is designed to serve up to three people, and is sold in stores in China.

The ceramic base is ceramic.

The base has an insulating layer of plastic that provides a soft, watery feel to the ceramic.

There’s a ceramic heating element in the base.

The heating element heats water and carbon dioxide.

It’s an all-purpose kettle.

You can use it for a variety of dishes.

It comes with a base of steel plates and a metal lid.

When you use the electric kettle it’ll cook your food with the same heat it produces from the ceramic base.

This is a classic Chinese-made kettle.

The Weber 26.

To cook, the Weber 26 uses a ceramic-coated metal lid, a ceramic thermometer and an electric-copper heating element.

You can add water and cook food in the ceramic kettle, or you can cook food with carbon dioxide from the carbon dioxide in the water.

A ceramic-coloured electric kettle is also a great way to prepare soups and stews.

Using a ceramic kettle in traditional cooking can be a bit tricky.

The heat from the heat source can be too hot for your delicate delicate dishes.

You also need to be careful about adding too much water to the pot, and not adding enough of the cooking liquid to make a deep red color.

The red color can ruin the dish.

I like to cook with the Weber Kettle, which is made from stainless steel, ceramic and stainless steel.

But I’ve also had problems cooking with the traditional electric kettle.

I’m not a fan of the taste of carbon dioxide, so I always prefer to use a pot of water.

The only exception to that is if I’m making soups, stews or other dishes that don’t require a lot of heat.

The Weber 28 is a ceramic electric ceramic kettle with an all stainless steel heating element, and a pot that cooks a range of foodstuffs.

It has a ceramic lid and a carbon dioxide-absorbing lid.

It also has a copper heat element and a heating element that uses a gas or electric spark to heat water.

It costs about $150.

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