Honey kettle chicken is a common garden pest that can be difficult to eradicate if left unchecked.

But, according to scientists, a new breed of breed-specific treatment is helping to control the invasive pest in backyard gardens.

The new breed is called Honey-Kettle and is developed by researchers from the University of Sydney.

They say the method of developing a new generation of treatment has been developed to work well against a wide range of exotic and non-native pests.

“It is really important to make sure the environment we have in our backyard is safe, and we are able to maintain that environment to keep the pests at bay,” said Dr Helen Daley from the Australian Honey-Knife Research Group.

“We’re actually using our own genetics, and that’s where we are coming up with the next generation of our treatment.”

The team is currently looking at a variety of other pest species that have been found in backyard gardeners’ gardens, such as wild bees and lizards.

The research group say they are now looking at new and improved treatments to try and control honey kettle, which is spread by bees, to ensure the new breed does not spread into other backyard gardens in the future.

“The new treatment has a very low toxicity to the honey-kettle, which means that it is a very safe and effective solution to the problem,” said Professor Daley.

“What we’re trying to do is to do something really novel, so that we can develop it for the other pests that we don’t have to worry about.”

Honey kettle chickens are a large breed of chicken that is native to the wild and introduced to Australia by humans in the 1800s.

They are usually found in the backyard, where they can easily be caught and killed by gardeners.

Professor Daley says the honey kettle is very resilient to the new treatment.

“If we have a lot of different pests that are coming into our garden and we can keep it contained, then the population will go down, but the overall number of honey-knits will go up,” she said.

“That means the population can grow.”

The researchers say the new technique is very similar to the treatments currently used to control native species such as cockroaches and mice, which are often found in gardens.

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