New products in the world of brewing are all but ubiquitous.

The new kettle that’s going to replace the Weber kettle you’ve been using for years.

The kettle that will be replaced by the one you’ve always wanted, and one that you don’t really have a reason to keep because it’s just so well made.

And that’s what the American Council of Baristas is trying to keep in mind when it makes its coffee and tea selections for the 2016 season.

They’re going to be using all the same brands that you’ve seen in the past, from the Kettle to the Kombucha, and they’re going all the way back to 1875.

“Our selection will be reflective of the quality of our customers’ experiences,” says Todd Schofield, the American Coffee Association’s executive director of marketing.

“We’re trying to be thoughtful and responsive to the needs of our consumers, and that means going back to the roots of coffee.”

Schofield says they’re hoping to see brands like the Koop, which debuted in 2011, return.

“I think Koop is a great example of the sort of craftsmanship that you can find in the kitchen,” he says.

“I think the American baristas are always looking for new and innovative things to do with their coffee, and it’s always been a great opportunity to take on a new craft.”

American Coffee Association Executive Director Todd Schoft says that the association will be taking a page out of the coffee shop’s book and picking up a few new products from new places.

“We want to be sure that we’re not just picking up products that we think are good for coffee, but we’re also picking up things that we feel are good in terms of taste and smell,” he said.

“You’re going into a coffee shop, you’re looking for something that you’ll like to make and have a drink with and it has to be good quality.

I think it’s going into that space.”

Schoft said they’re also looking at the new Koop kettle from Japan.

“There are a lot of new things out there, new styles, new things for the American coffee barista,” he explains.

“And I think this is the time to be looking to make sure we’re in the right spot.”

Schopield says he thinks the American Barista Association has made a lot more decisions in the last few years than it did before, so he believes it’s a good time to take a look.

“It’s not like we’re going back in the door and saying, ‘We’ve done all of this and now we’re making this,'” he says, adding that they’ll be picking up coffee, tea, and teas from a variety of places.

Schoface says they’ll keep their eyes open for new products as well, but he cautions that the American public is more interested in the latest trends and innovations than they are in the quality and history of what’s already on the shelves.

“So, there’s a lot that we want to do,” he adds.

“But, as with any new product, it’s not going to come cheap.”

For more information about the American Club of Barista, visit their website or check out their Facebook page.

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