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OneOdio A10 ANC Headphones: Affordable Noise-Cancelling Bliss, or Budget Bust?




OneOdio A10 ANC Headphones: Affordable Noise-Cancelling Bliss, or Budget Bust?

Looking for a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that won’t break the bank? The OneOdio A10s might just fit the bill. But are they too good to be true? Let’s dive into the details and see if these budget-friendly buds can deliver on their promises.

Noise Cancellation:

  • Claimed: -35dB cancellation, filtering out 95% of low-frequency noise.
  • Reality: Expect moderate noise reduction, good for blocking out hums and engine noise, but not ideal for complete silence in loud environments.

Sound Quality:

  • Claimed: Hi-Res Audio with 40mm drivers for precise sound and rich bass.
  • Reality: Sound profile leans towards bass-heavy, which might not please audiophiles seeking perfect balance. Overall decent for casual listening and popular music.

Battery Life:

  • Claimed: 50 hours in Bluetooth mode, 62 hours in ANC mode, with 2 hours of charge in 5 minutes.
  • Reality: Battery life is impressive, lasting through long journeys or extended listening sessions. Fast charging is a convenient bonus.

Other Features:

  • Transparency Mode: Allows ambient sound in for situational awareness.
  • Bluetooth & Wired: Connects wirelessly or with a 3.5mm cable for wider compatibility.
  • Foldable Design: Portable and easy to store.


The OneOdio A10s offer decent noise cancellation, good battery life, and a comfortable design for a very attractive price. However, sound quality might not appeal to everyone, and noise reduction isn’t top-of-the-line.

Who should buy them:

  • Budget-conscious travelers or commuters seeking basic noise cancellation.
  • Casual listeners who prioritize long battery life and portability.
  • Anyone looking for a comfortable and affordable pair of over-ear headphones.

Who should look elsewhere:

  • Audiophiles seeking pristine sound quality.
  • Users needing absolute silence in extremely loud environments.
  • People wanting premium features like app control or multi-device pairing.

Overall, the OneOdio A10s are a solid choice for those seeking affordable noise-cancelling headphones without expecting top-of-the-line performance. Their long battery life, comfortable design, and budget-friendly price make them a tempting option for casual listeners and budget travelers.